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  1. When leaving your car, push the seat forward. This allows you to see if any one is in the back when you return. If the seat is forward you know that someone has been in your car.

  2. Have your keys in hand before you go to your car.

  3. When leaving the house, leave the blinds and curtains in the same positions.

  4. When leaving for vacation, do not put the garbage or recycling out early. This indicates that you will not be home on collection day. Ask a neighbour to put it out on the correct day.

  5. If you wake up while someone is in your home, pretend you are sleeping. Call the police once the person has left.

  6. 6. If you find an open door or other sign that someone has entered your home, do not go in. Call the police from a safe place well away from your house.

  7. Know your neighbours.

Home Security

  1. Put ladders away so that an intruder cannot use it to reach the second floor.

  2. Always close garage doors. An empty garage is a sign of an empty house. Before you drive away, make sure no one has entered.

  3. Do not leave a note on the door explaining where you are or when you will return. This is an invitation for an intruder.

  4. Never hide keys in the mailbox or under the mat. Thieves are familiar with these hiding places. Instead, leave a key with a neighbour you know well.

  5. Do not label keys as they can be traced to the locks they open. Colour code them instead.

  6. Leave a bathroom light on during the night to indicate that someone is awake.

  7. Keep small valuables such as laptops, and jewelery away from windows. They are easily seen and taken.

  8. Consider replacing the locks if you are moving into a new home.

  9. Secure sliding windows and doors with a lock and a wooden dowel. If the opening is accidentally left unlocked, the dowel will prevent it from being opened.

  10. Outside doors including the one between the garage and the house should be made of solid 1 3/4 inch hard wood or metal.

  11. Keep shrubs around doors and windows trimmed. Make sure the yard is well kept.

False Alarm Prevention

  1. When leaving, lock all windows and doors.

  2. When you leave, keep pets out of rooms that have motion detectors.

  3. Fix drafts that may move plants or curtains.

  4. Make sure that everyone who uses the alarm system or has access to it knows how to turn it on and off, and knows what to do during a false alarm.

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