Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need an alarm system? I've never been broken into before, so why would I need one now?

A:  A security system is an investment not an expense. Most people are aware of the shocking crime statistics, but consider the other benefits that come with a security system besides 24 hour protection.

In practical terms, an alarm system can qualify you for significant discounts on your home insurance premiums. It can also make your life more convenient. For example, it can page you when your kids come home or it can optionally control lights & appliances with its X10 function.

Q: Is there a security system large enough to protect my home/business that's affordable enough for my budget?

A: The short answer is yes. Security systems come in many different packages that are designed for individual needs such as a residential or commercial property. Many homes can be secured with motion detectors and door/window contacts. Some small businesses can be secured with the same devices. Other properties are best protected with card access systems or cameras. See our special offer section for details about our limited time offer for a free security system and installation.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out how to best secure your property for the most affordable price.

Q: I already have an alarm system, but it's inactive. Can I have it monitored?

A: Yes. Nova offers monitoring services. Depending on what system your home has, you could be eligible for our $200 cash back offer. Please e-mail us for details.

Q: I have pets. Can I still have a motion detector?

A: Yes. We do offer pet sensitive motion sensors.

Q: My parents have trouble seeing small print. I'm worried about them being able to operate a keypad. What can be done?

A: There is the option of a key fob (wireless remote On/Off key) which can remotely operate your alarm system. There are no codes to remember and it is easy to operate. With the push of a button you can turn the alarm on or off and you can even turn on the lights around your home. It is the simplest way to operate the alarm system. Colour coded buttons are also available.

Q: I have a lot of power outages where I live. Will this affect my alarm system?

A: Alarm systems come with a back up battery. In the event of power failure the battery will supply the power. The life of the battery will be determined by the size of the alarm system, age of the battery and the length of time the battery has to supply the power. It is a good idea to check your battery at least once a year and replace it if necessary. The approxiamate life span of a battery is around 3 years.

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