Access Control System

A type of security system that regulates entrance to an area using a keypad or cardreader. This might be as simple as a code enterd on a keypad to open a door or a more complex application such as controlling access to floors in an elevator.

  Back-up Battery

A battery installed in the alarm panel to supply the power in an electrical shortage


Closed Circuit Television that allows video surveillance of certain areas.

  Central Monitoring Station

Operators on duty 24 hours are there to respond to signals sent from a subsriber's system. They call the property references (people to meet the police after an alarm) and the appropriate authorities.

  Contacts (Magnetic)

A two part device that signals to the alarm panel when a door or window is open. One part of the contact is installed in the door or window and the other part is installed in the frame.

  Local System

An alarm system that is not monitored (the panel cannot transmit a signal to Central Monitoring Station). In an emergency situation, the siren will sound but the police will not be called.

  Monitoring Station

See Central Monitoring Station

  Monitored System

An alarm system that is monitored by a Central Station. This means that the alarm panel is connected to the monitoring station so that in the event of an alarm, a signal will be send to monitoring station and the operator will call the proper authorities.

  Motion Detector

This device senses movement in a given area

  Pass Card

Card that has the PIC (Personal Identification Code) which you give to the monitoring station when they call after an alarm, or how you identify yourself when you call them to test your system or update keyholder information.


This device gives an audible alert that the alarm has been triggered.

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